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Here is a fact: today's world is filled with hurting people. Getting down to it, Levittown is filled with hurting people! Sure they try to show an outward expression of 'I've got it all together' persona; but inside, they are lonely, sad, and struggling. Here at Levittown Church of God, we want you to know that we embrace every individual who walks through our doors with genuine concern and love. We want our church to be a place where people feel the freedom to express themselves without the fear of rejection or judgment. No matter your dress code, your race or ethnic background, we are here as followers of Jesus to share His gospel - some good news that WILL transform your life! We’ve been serving our community for almost half a century! Our Pastor, Mathew D. George, and the prayer and discipleship team, would love to have an opportunity to listen to your concerns and pray with you. We invite you to shake off the feelings of fear and try being in a new inviroment with new people; caring, loving people. You’ll belong, and won’t leave the same! Sunday @11AM!

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Current Sermon Series

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Jesus walked into your house? Your church? Our current sermon series, "The King and His People" challenges us to take a hard look at our lives and the church as it relates to the mission of Jesus. In Revelation chapters 1-3, we see the unveiling (Revelation) of Jesus, the King of all earthy kings, in all His glory and power! He meets with His dear friend John who is currently exiled by the Roman government for his faith and delivers His very passionate and corrective plea to His people, the church! Find out more this Sunday @11AM. Click below to listen...

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