Pastor Tim has completed his two year term on the State Council and will continue as District Overseer for the Philadelphia Metro District.



Pastor TimPastor & Robin cropped and Robin Redmond met the Lord over 25 years ago in a small church in Poconos, Pennsylvania. They had been married for seven years and at that point were faced with a decision. Would they choose to put their marriage in the Lord’s hands or go their own way and destroy their chance for unity in the process? That day they made a life changing decision to turn their lives and their marriage over to God. That choice was the beginning of healing and restoration. Now they have been married for thirty-seven years and continue to trust God as He leads them on the incredible journey of serving Him.

Pastor Tim and Robin were appointed to Big Spring Church of God in Newville, Pennsylvania on May 23, 1999. Once again God was faithful and the small community church began to grow in number but more importantly, individuals grew in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

On August 30, 2009, the Lord brought them to Levittown Church of God. They believe that the Christian walk is a life long journey of growth and discipleship and as such they firmly believe in programs that develop personal growth. Their desire is that Levittown Church of God be a place where individuals feel God’s love, know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and then grow in His Image.



Pastor Bri croppedYouth Pastor Brianna Lober has been a lifelong member of the Levittown Church of God. She started her Christian walk in the Levittown Church of God’s preschool Sunday School class and attended the church faithfully every year thereafter. Once she became too old to attend Children’s Church herself, she started volunteering as class aide and teacher. Throughout high school she taught every class within the church from the 1st through the 6th grade classes.

Upon high school graduation, Brianna attended Temple University in Philadelphia to pursue her passion for working with young people. Although she lived away from home during college, she returned every summer to both fund for and attend the church’s annual youth mission trips. Alongside her peers she has done mission work in different parts of Bucks County, Washington D.C., Maine, and Jolpin, Missouri.

After four years of University, she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a double major in Secondary Education and History. However, it was at this point that she felt God was not only calling her to teach young people, but also lead them within the church. As a result, the Levittown Church of God embraced her efforts and provided her the opportunity to lead the teen youth ministry. It is her goal to expand the ministry both by faith and by numbers. She wants to help the youth in the church live of life of faith and servitude for the Lord.



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